Corolla DSP System Tuning

Tuning the system is hard work! It's not an easy process to set up crossover points for each of the pairs of speakers, find the best slope at each crossover, setup timing alignment for the speakers, adjust the volume level of each channel, adjust the frequency levels for each speaker, and adjust all this for each sound input to the DSP. It's just a lot of work. That said, it's also fun as I'm learning the basics and getting a better feel for the system.

Note the curve on the computer above is a decent shape. However, the scale is way off from a "flat" curve as the scale from top to bottom is about 70 decibels and should be near 20 or so, depending on preferences. After lots of adjustments and some suggestions from a friend, I've got the system sounding decent. I had to turn down the bass quite a bit and turn up the highs and mids quite a bit. One of my system tunes has the time alignment for the drivers set along with clear highs and good bass. My other system tune has lots more bass and decent highs for pounding out more on rap and bass heavy music. I intend to create a good tune for the center of the car so passengers can also enjoy the sound too. I believe the mid-bass range on my system sounds a bit low, which is a common problem in cars. I may need to fiddle more with the adjustments to boost the mid-bass slightly to get a more well-rounded sound.

The other issue is that the sound gets loud and is crisp and clean. Great for electronic and dance music! However, it does not sound really full and warm or "wet" as audiophiles describe. This is not great for vocals and acoustic guitar. The sound can also be a bit forward and harsh. This, I think, is less a function of the tuning and more the quality of my speakers. So, I've probably got my system dialed in well, based on the limitations of my equipment. The harshness is much less now than it was. However, if I would want a more full, round, and warm sound especially on vocals and acoustics, then I might need to upgrade my speakers. I won't do that now, but it's a possible upgrade in the future. I believe a middle range Morel 2-way speaker set like the Maximo Ultra 602s may be a good option and price point.

Anyway, more to come. I have really enjoyed installing and tuning the system. I hope to make the DRC control mounting plate next so that it's more stable below the HVAC controls instead of sitting loose on my seat!

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