Corolla DSP and 3-way Active Upgrades

I have made a few changes to the DSP sound upgrade to my '07 Corolla. I chose to add a CDT ES02 2-inch mid-woofer to the dash to create a 3-way active system. I got the Audison DSP installed. The amps and wiring are done. Sound deadening on the front doors and under the rear seat is completed.

I need to finish sound deadening the front floor panels/kick area, roof, and rear doors. I also intend to create a mounting plate out of plastic in the spot below the HVAC controls to cover the pocket for mounting the volume control/DRC for the Audison.

Mid-woofer on the dash. Tweeter is in the black sail panel.

Front Door Sound Deadening

6.5 Mid-Bass speaker

Tweeter with sail panel off

Amp and DSP mounted on the rack

Amp rack mounted in the truck on the JL audio sub box. Note the orange panel is a toolbox I mounted a while ago in the trunk to protect my tools from thieves!