Upgrading My Sound

I am working on a sound quality upgrade on my 2007 corolla. It's a modest car, but it's gonna have an immodest sound system!!

The changes will be to add an Audison Bit One digital signal processor DSP that I found for cheap. I'm also going to add a 4-channel pioneer amp. And a digital source, a digital audio player DAP, to connect directly to the coax digital input on the DSP. I'm probably going to go with a Fiio M11 DAP player that has awesome audio and a snappy interface according to reviews. An Ibasso DX160 would also fit the DAP bill but seems a slight bit slower on processing and interface and not quite as flashy.

The reason for the additional amplifier and two more channels is that the DSP will directly control the front tweeters and woofers separately. So, the passive polk crossovers will come out and the Bit One will do all the crossing over and equalizing needed to keep the bass off the tweeters and the proper middle frequencies going to the polk mid-woofers. This is what they call an active system.

I'm going to wait a bit to get the Fiio DAP as its a bit pricey at $400 new. I might be able to find a good used one for nearer $300.

I'm also going to be upgrading some of my wiring. To be sure to have the throughput on the power for the pioneer amp, I'm going to install a second kicker 4-gauge OFC wiring from the battery to the trunk. I will also need to run four pairs of speaker wires from the trunk where the DSP will be to get to the front tweeters and woofers.

The current equalizer a Clarion EQS746 will be coming out and likely going to a friend's car.

I will also need to run a pair of RCAs for the fronts from the head unit to the DSP.

For the DAP to be set up by the cup holders in front of the console, I will run a coax cable for SPDIF signal from the console under the carpet, under the back seat, and into the trunk to the digital input on the DSP. The cable for the DRC remote for the Bit One, a USB cable for PC setup of the DSP, and a direct aux wire input to the DSP will also be run together to give multiple options for setup and input.

The most challenging part of the job will likely be using the computer software to tune the Bit One for my car and equipment. I've attempted tuning one of these for a client before without a lot of success. On my own car and equipment, I will have the time to fiddle with it until I figure out what works. I'm also working on research to better understand what has worked for other people when tuning these.

I may also see if anyone has tuned a Bit One for a Toyota corolla to see if I could start with what worked for them and further tune based on my own equipment and listening preferences.

I will post updates as I get going on installing the upgrades. (-;

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